Giving to a Cause

On 25th August this year I will be doing something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

My dad needed a MacMillan nurse to support him through his last few months.  I saw what an amazing help she was to mum at the most difficult time of her life, caring for a man who had been her companion for more than 60 years.  She was more than a nurse, she was a friend and mum had nothing but praise for her both during those months and after dad had gone.

On 25th August this year, I intend to give something back to this wonderful organisation.  I not only intend to raise as much money as I possibly can by holding a charity BBQ at my house for the local village, friends, and family.  But I am also going to shave my head for the cause.


For many people affected by cancer, Macmillan nurses are a valued and trusted source of expert information, advice and support – free of charge.

Nearly half of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetimes, which means the need for their work is set to increase dramatically. Thanks to loyal and committed supporters, over 98% of their income in 2013 came from voluntary donations and fundraising, so they make sure to use their money wisely.

Money goes towards funding and supporting a range of health and social care professionals, as well as improving the ways people are supported and the places they’re treated in.

  • towards Macmillan grants, benefits advice and financial guidance.
  • investing in up to date information and support services helps people make informed decisions about their care
  • they campaign for change and raise awareness about the realities of living with cancer
  • they make sure that people can find the emotional support they need and are able to get help with practical issues
  • they organise training opportunities for professionals, volunteers and people affected by cancer
  • they want everyone to feel supported, no matter who they are or where they live.

How can you make me feel even better about shaving my head?  Phone donateHow can you help support MacMillan Nurses Cancer Support?

One way is to text NESR62 £1 (or more if you feel you can) to 70070 or donate through my JustGiving page:


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Such a lot of stock!

It’s all well and good ordering great new lines to stock in the shop when we go to The Spring Fair each year but it means a lot of work sat at the PC when it all starts arriving!  It’s also a shock to the system when you realise how much has been spent because along with the goods come the invoices!!

I’m going a bit goggle eye in front of this PC and trying to describe some of the items we have now is tending to be a little difficult.  I do like to give as much information about the items we sell but sometimes, when you’ve been listing the same kind of product for about 3 hours, things get left out, for which I must apologise.

As long as our customers know that they can contact us by email or telephone 01952 550391 if they have any questions about our items, then that’s OK.

Best get on I suppose.  I must admit that we got carried away with jewellery boxes this year ans I’m onto the 3rd box of goodies to be listed in the shop now so my eyes are actually trying to slam as I type this.  Must be time for coffee!


Stocking the shop!

Well, I’ve neglected the blog for long enough! Lots has happened including the arrival of our 5th grandchild (although he’s actually hubby’s first direct grandchild, the other’s are ‘step’) Oscar arrived on 18th January and an absolutely gorgeous little bundle.  Living so close to the business is proving a difficult one for his dad Ali though, who is drawn back to the house for a cuddle whenever he can slip away (and who can blame him?).  Exciting days here with new stock arriving every day this week.  After our trip to The Spring Fair Trade Show at the NEC in Birmingham and a trip to another wholesaler in Nottingham.   We’ve not only bought gifts, but have stocked up with country & garden essentials! Green Wellies!  Thought it best to stock up as we all seem to be in the grips of the wettest months for years! Busy-I-Am-TooIt’s so easy to buy at The Spring Fair but then the hard work begins. Checking the deliveries for breakages, checking we’ve received everything that’s on the delivery note, organising photographs of the items for the websites and working out prices & delivery costs.  Then, it’s the listing on the websites themselves!  It’s all hands to the grindstone and that’s while we continue to sell on 2 websites and Ebay.  Picking goods stored from both our depots, packing at our main retail depot, posting, organising couriers and keeping accounts up to date.  Busy days go quickly, but are physically exhausting! Hopefully, we’ve chosen well and you are tempted, as we were to purchase some of the new stock 😉  Anyway, best get on!


handlebar_moustache_glitter_black_gold_photosculpture-r147ac7ef9e3a40898691e4be1132282e_x7sai_8byvr_512We’ve all seen it – the bandwagon that is the Movember moustache!

Men all over the country have been growing their moustaches.  But do they really know why they are doing it or has it just become another fad?

There are lots of guys in our village growing moustaches in November.  Are any of them being sponsored? I’ve no idea.  Have their efforts raised awareness of the problems it was set up for? I doubt it.

So do you know what Movember is all about?

Did you know it was originally set up  in New Zealand and Australia to raise funds & awareness of men’s health issues?  It was not just set up to raise awareness, but to raise funds to fight problems facing all men, with the likes of Prostrate Cancer and depression.

I was over the moon when my son shaved off his fully grown beard & moustache at the end of October to commence a Movember fund raising moustache.  He set up a charity page online and started growing his ‘tache.  Imagine my disappointment when I looked at his page today, 28th November, to find there were only 3 donations, myself, my husband & my daughter!  He has 629 friends on Facebook. (And something really weird just happened (he phoned me as I was typing this!) Oh well, I digress.

Anyway, there is still a chance for you guys & girlies out there to donate to the Movember charity, and guys, make sure you and others know why you have grown that hairy lip feature!! It matters, more than a competition between friends on how thick a ‘tache they can grow!!


Oh and by the way here’s my son’s just giving page!

So many emails! Set some rules!

EmailsDo you deal with all your emails in your “inbox” immediately & decide which one’s to keep & delete the rest?

How many have you decided to keep in the past month? Keeping them all in your inbox probably makes them difficult to manage.

If you have a great number of emails that you need to keep, have you considered archiving them or create “backup” email folders?

It makes sense to do this and then each day move selected emails into those folders.


It’s also worth setting up email rules.

This way you can have specially created folders for emails from particular individuals and/or companies and you can have them filtered directly into their own folder.  This way you will know straight away if there is an email from certain people/companies & you can prioritise which you read first.  Likewise, you can set a rule to delete particular emails immediately they are received.  Check out your email client’s tools and see if this is a possibility.  It’s a great timesaver & a good way to prioritise.

Browser problems – Chrome V Explorer

308528_10151454998758214_958498520_nJust recently, something infiltrated my Google Chrome and caused all manner of havoc. Adverts & unwanted surveys popping up all over!  My usual Pop-up blocker couldn’t stop them so I downloaded Chrome’s own adblocker and Malwarebytes which found over 60 items that were causing problems. Having removed all the nasties discovered by Malwarebytes, I went back to my webpages & found that even then it had not solved the problem 😦 The Adblocker was showing lots of things being blocked but the surveys & adverts were still popping up.  I’ve been into Chrome’s settings & removed anything extensions added by a third party and even that hasn’t helped.  So I’ve gone back to Internet Explorer and am surprised to say that it’s so much better than it used to be! It’s much quicker and has had lots of improvements which has made it a lot easier to go back to it.  One thing that’s really annoying me is the lack of opportunity to transfer my favourites from Google Chrome to Explorer!  It can be done the other way round so why not this way?
I am now working my way through my favourites on Chrome and having to open each page in Explorer to save it to favourites! What a long winded way to go about things!  If anyone knows a better or easier way to do this I would love to know how!
Oh well, back to it!

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