Introductions – The Nephew

Nic Howlett                                                                             

Nic is the youngest member of the team & is Andy’s Nephew.  He has had a passion for Traditional art since he was about 10. Studied Fine Art at College for 2 years, but instead of taking it to Uni he decided to keep it as a hobby, although he’d love to be a known artist.  Perhaps we can feature some of his work soon. After college, he took a job at Currys for a year but decided it wasn’t for him s he’d always had a hankering to join the family business. Nic says he always  had many fond memories of growing up around the business, so when Currys didn’t work out, he asked his uncle Andy if there as a position for him.  Our eBay shop had just taken off and an extra pair of packing hands was desperately needed so the answer was yes.

Nic joined the firm in 2008 and has learned a lot more than how to pack a parcel.  He has obtained a good knowledge of vehicle parts whilst working alongside his cousin Ali at the retail outlet in Hinstock and deals with customers both face to face & on the telephone on a daily basis.  He also helps with packing for all our online sales and lists items in our eBay shop and The Nest @ John Richards

He enjoys movies,  music,  reading comic books & gaming.  A lot of his spare time is currently spent working on his Classic Mini.
He’s always liked trying to teach himself new skills, and is currently trying to master the Unicycle!


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