Fragrance Lamp from The Lotus Flower (UK Ltd)

When I received this lamp, I expected the usual wick, oil, glass bottle (lamp). I expected there to be sooty smoke emitted when lit and a flame that would be either forever going out or so high that it would endanger not just my furnishings, but the entire house!  I was pleasantly & extremely relieved when I opened the box & saw the instructions.  Yes, there would be a flame, but only for a few minutes.  Let me explain:

There is a wick, but this doesn’t actually burn, the wick is purely there to feed the oil to an absorbant stone which sits in the top of bottle.  Once infused with the oil (a special top is used to encourge the infusion), the stone is lit for 2-3 minutes to heat up enough so that it releases the vapours from the fragranced oil.  The flame is then blown out & vapours enter the atmosphere to give quite a potent fragrance which then seems to enter almost every room in the house! I say potent becuse I am more used to ‘scented’ candles which, let’s face it, don’t always live up to their ‘scented’ description once alight.  There is a decorative top to place on top of the stone to protect from enquiring hands and add a little more style to the variety of beautiful glass bottles which are available.   Once you have sufficient fragrance in the room/home, the infuser top is once again placed in position over the stone in place of the decorative, open top to stop the vapour from being emmited.  This also encourges the stone to be replenished with the fragrance oil, ready to be used again when required.

When first seen, I thought these lamps to be quite expensive, but when the decorative bottle is taken into account & the large bottle of fragrance oil received with it, I have changed my thoughts.  Once a candle is burned, it’s gone forever. These beautiful bottles add style to your deco for as long as you want.   You can buy the 500ml bottles of frangrance oil in a variety of fragrances too and if you are unsure which fragrance to buy then The Lotus Flower can upply 1/3 fl. oz fragrance testers at a very reasonable price.
Replacement wicks are also available.


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  1. phillip
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 15:28:02

    These sound great!!



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