Handy Household Hints & Tips (Part 1 – Cleaning)


When dusting wickerwork, spray a paintbrush with furniture polish & brush gently to lift the dust.

Use cold tea when cleaning varnished woodwork or floors & polish with a soft duster.  The tannin apparently helps to counteract grease & enhances the wood colour.  It’s very good for removing fingerprints

Use hot vinegar on a rag to remove bird marks & dried paint splashes from windows.

Old newspaper scrunched & rolled into a pad is great for cleaning & polishing windows. It removes smears and makes the glass shine.

To clean green residue from the bottom of a vase,  fill with a solution of biological washing powder or liquid & water, then let soak. Rinse well.

To clean a vacuum flask that’s not been used for a while, put 1tbsp (20ml) vinegar & 1 level tsp (5g) salt into the flask & shake well. Rinse with clean water.

Use a little fabric conditioner in warm water to clean glass-topped tables. It helps prevent dust from settling.

Whiten a discoloured boards chopping board by scrubbing it daily with cold salt water.  Work the way of the grain, rub it with a cut lemon to bleach the wood, then dry outdoors if possible.

Remove the smell of fish or onions from your hands by dampening them and rubbing with salt.  Wash and rinse.

To clean a grater, brush the wrong side with a toothbrush.  You can also sharpen your grater with sandpaper!

More hints & tips coming soon.



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