Goodbye to a great little helper!

It saddens me to announce that today we say goodbye to our Admin Assistant Rachel, who is moving on to bigger but never better things!  She has been with us for a year and has been made an offer she can’t refuse which involves a trip to America on Saturday to meet her new boss’s clients.  She’s away for a week of meetings & trips across the States but will be coming back to live in the little cottage across the way where she’ll be working from home in future.

The team at The Nest & the John Richards Partnership would like to wish her every success in her new and exciting career.  We may come knocking at the door if we get short-staffed & need help 😉

So where does this leave The Nest @ John Richards ? Certainly leaves us a man (woman) down! We are now advertising for a new assistant and have received quite a few applications.  It’s a part-time position in the hope that we can help a mum step back into the work environment while her children are at school.  Closing date for applications is 3rd November and then comes the task of short listing for interviews, so it will take a little while to fill the post.  After that, they will need training so it looks set to be a busy couple of months leading up to Christmas, as if it wasn’t already!

We’re busy getting together paperwork & questions ready for interviews and training and will need to work some extra hours to keep up with the increased workload, but when there are customers to sell to, it’s worth putting in the extra hours to make sure that they still get the service that we have always taken pride in.

Just remember, that if you live locally to Hinstock in Shropshire and you fancy a little part-time admin job, get your CV to us by 3rd Novemeber!

Onwards & upwards we go!


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