Pride or Terror?

I’m feeling a little apprehensive, not for myself, but for my daughter.  She completed her 1st half marathon in Birmingham on Sunday last and yes, it made me proud although I did worry that she wasn’t ready or fit enough for such a venture.  She has now dropped the bombshell that in 6 months time, she will be running 26.2 miles around Manchester!  So do I feel proud? Yes! Do I worry? Yes!

I will of course support her all the way.  She is being sensible.  She’s having a full health check, planning to lose weight & has a personal trainer to help her prepare. However, when you hear of seemingly healthy, young people dying on the football pitch, and whilst running in these events, it’s hard not to be in some form of terror too.

Of course then you see someone who looks to be frail, and in their 70’s & 80’s, running these distances on a regular basis!  Life can be very confusing!

I will be following her blog as she records her thoughts & feelings over the next months and thought that perhaps you may like to follow it too, so here is the link:

Her writing is better than mine & at one point she had planned a career in journalism.  Having read a few things she’s written, I almost wish she had as I think she would have done well in a job like that!  On the other hand, she may not have met her partner, now husband, and probably not have given me two unbelievably beautiful grandchildren, so perhaps it’s better that she decided journalism wasn’t for her!   Her style of writing is different to mine.  I wouldn’t say my writing was as good, but it gets my point across and after all, that’s what blogging is all about.  You don’t have to be a journalist or well-established author to write a blog,  just have something you wish to say and hope that others want to read it!

That said, I should really get some work done.  I’ll be back though!


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