Our new assistant Jo

Well our new assistant started on Monday and I have to say she is doing really well.

She is getting to grips with the varied items we sell online over our 3 websites: The Nest @ John Richards,  John Richards Surplus and of course, our ebay shop .

Joanne lives in our village and has 2 little girls who attend the village school, so I was more than pleased to offer her the position after her interview.  She is picking things up quickly and has lots of enthusiasm (let’s hope it stays!)  I have tried to ease her into some of the more complex parts of the job but she seems to take everything in her stride and I can tell already she will be a very useful and valued member of the John Richards team.

We are looking forward to getting to know her, & her husband better when we all go out next Wednesday for the company’s Christmas meal, and I shall be broaching the subject of her personal introduction to the blog very soon 🙂

Watch this space for more updates…………..



Morning after the Sunday before!

So Sunday was a working day this week!  Andy had been to an auction earlier in the week & bought masses of gorgeous wall art & animal figurines among other things.  How could we fit in sorting & pricing when we were already 1 person down?  Work on Sunday, that’s how.

We were up reasonably early for one of our Sundays.  Setting off to our other storage facility to start sorting & counting the boxes of new stock.  It was bitter cold and the floor of the storage shed is concrete so despite wearing my moon boots, it was not a comfortable thing to be doing.  We were lucky that the sun was shining and made a few trips out of the shed to warm our hands on the tyre cover on the back of the Land Rover!

That shed done, we came back to the retail premises & started on the boxes there.

Once we had counted & taken samples home to check.  We sat at the PC pricing up for both trade & retail customers.

By this time it was 4:00 pm so I thought it better to start cooking & let Andy get on with taking pictures, ready top list on The Nest @ John Richards and our Ebay shop.

A brief break for dinner and we were back taking pictures & checking the goods.

9 o’clock came & we finally settled in front of the TV.

The joys of running your own business are many – not having a day off isn’t one of them!

Hopefully I’ll get round to listing the goods soon now!

Sorry about my absence – pressure of work!

Well, since my admin assistant Rachel left the other week it’s been pretty manic here.  I’ve been interviewing prospective new assistants, and trying to keep up with not only my work but that of said assistant, so something had to take a back seat and I’m sorry to say it was this blog. 😦

Interviews are over now and I have to make a decision.  It’s not easy at all.  Three of the candidates are vying for the position in my mind at present and I never realised it would be this difficult to choose.

I am giving myself a break this evening and will look at all the candidates details again tomorrow.  It’s hard to weigh up the different skills that each has  Some are stronger in certain areas than others, that’s true, but then the others have other strengths that I’d not even considered before.

I will need to be very clear about the type of person I want in the position, their skills and the prospect of being able to work together.  I also need to see how they will fit in with our little family.  They need to work with the other members of the business too.  Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, Mr. R senior has been to an auction & bought lots & lots of new stock consisting of Wall Art, Ornaments & Christmas items.  A full weekend working for me now to see what he’s bought & help price up items.  It has to be stored so that it’s easily recognisable & accessable and eventually listed on the website!  I hope the new assistant is a quick learner.  Whoever they are, they will be on a very steep learning curve!

Happily, Mr R already has a trade customer coming on Wednesday to buy stock for their shop, so we won’t need quite as much room to store the vast quantity of boxes.

I came here originally looking for an easier life & maybe early retirement.  Don’t know who I was trying to kid! I’m doing more now than I ever did back down south and actually enjoying every second!

I’ll keep you updated!

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