BF Graphics Wall Art Stickers – A Review

A little while ago I was sent some wall art sticker samples from a company called BF Graphics in North Lanarkshire.  It took me a while to get round to using them as I wasn’t very sure where I was going to put them or indeed if I had a spare wall to put them on.

They were larger than I’d thought they’d be and to be honest I have in fact only used one of the graphics that was sent to me!

The graphics I received were 1. A coffee coloured coffee cup and 2. A pair of stunning black eyes!

Suffice to say that as a woman, I was drawn to the eyes & thought that as I was in the process of refurbishing my bathroom, then that was where they would go.

Like a fool I tried to put this huge sticker up single handed, but realised very quickly that doing this with such a large item would not be possible.  I had 2 choices, enlist the help of the other half (he was willing I have to say), or make the decision to drastically reduce the size of the item I was working with (110 cms x 58 cms).

It was simple really – it was a pair of eyes! As long as I was careful where I placed them I could cut the sticker down the centre and put them up individually, which is what I did. and I have to admit that it gave me much more scope and although they were originally supposed to be closer together they were even more effective once I’d placed them at each end of the small wall in front of the bath.

And so, this:


Became this:

I think it works well, don’t you?

It was a straightforward matter of peeling off the back of the sticker, placing it carefully in position and rubbing it smooth before removing the top paper.  If you’ve ever used ‘Letraset’ in the past for your posters & designs (yes, I’m talking pre Adobe, Publisher & Photoshop here and showing my age to boot!) these stickers are basically a larger version of that!  Ever used ‘Contact’ adhesive vinyl on furniture or windows? Well it’s nowhere near as difficult as that!

Full instructions are given with each sticker (or decal if you’re posh) and I would thoroughly recommend this product 😉

I am desperate now to clear a wall in my kitchen for the ‘Coffee’ sticker and will be looking through for some other decor ideas as the prices are extremely reasonable too!

Do yourself a favour if you’re about to decorate.  

Have a look at BF Graphics They do a whole lot more than I’ve been able to show here, for both home & business, and if you ask them nicely they’ll even do bespoke items.  Ooh now there’s an idea, what can I  find for them to make for me? 😉


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