Understanding Twitter (Part 3)

Twitter for Beginners Part 3

In 2001 I became the co-host in an MSN Chatroom (No! not that kind of chatroom!) It was room for ‘newbies’ i.e. people who had never chatted before & didn’t understand the lingo used.  Since then ‘text speak’ has flourished with the popularity of texting on mobile phones by all ages.  Basically twitter-speak is not unlike text speak with abbreviations & phonetics used to save space & get your message across to your followers using just 140 characters.  Words are mixed together and chopped about to fit into the limited number of characters.
Here are some of the abbreviations & terms used:

ab/abt: Short for “about.” This chat abbreviation is frequently seen on Twitter.

b/c: Twitter shorthand for “because.”

B: Twitter shorthand for “be.”

b4: Twitter shorthand for “before.”

BFN: Short for “bye for now.”

bgd: A shortened form of “background” often used on Twitter
chk: Twitter shorthand for “check.”

cld/cud: Twitter shorthand for “could.”

clk: Twitter shorthand for “click.”
cre8: Often seen on Twitter, it means “create.”
DM: Short for direct message, it is the function of the Twitter service that enables you to send a private message (direct message) to a person you are following.
When limited to the number characters in tweets, it sometimes makes more space if you use numbers instead of words!
1 = one
2 = to or too
3 = free
4 = for
8 = used in Gr8 as great
Some strange twitter terms:
adventuritter: Slang term used to describe a Twitterer who is adventurous

attwaction: Slang term used to describe an attraction between two users.

attwicted: Slang term used to describe someone who is addicted to Twitter.

Bberrytweet: Slang term that refers to using a Blackberry device to send a tweet on Twitter.

beetweet: Slang term used to describe a “hot tweet.” Usually this is a popular, trending topic on Twitter and many users will retweet a beetweet.

bemyguest, #BeMyGuest: A popular Twitter hashtag (#BeMyGuest) to let other Twitter users know you’d like to exchange guest blog posts.

bulltwit: Slang term to describe fake, false or over embellished Tweets.

Celebrity syndrome: This Twitter phrase refers to a situation in which a non-celebrity mistakenly believes he or she is a celebrity. Users with celebrity syndrome will not follow a significant number of Twitter users
co-twitterer: Slang term used to describe a second person who tweets on a single Twitter account.
crank tweet: Similar to a “crank phone call,” it is a misleading tweet.

deets: A shortened version of “details” often found on Twitter.

detweet: Slang term used to describe a tweet you made, then deleted


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