So many emails! Set some rules!

EmailsDo you deal with all your emails in your “inbox” immediately & decide which one’s to keep & delete the rest?

How many have you decided to keep in the past month? Keeping them all in your inbox probably makes them difficult to manage.

If you have a great number of emails that you need to keep, have you considered archiving them or create “backup” email folders?

It makes sense to do this and then each day move selected emails into those folders.


It’s also worth setting up email rules.

This way you can have specially created folders for emails from particular individuals and/or companies and you can have them filtered directly into their own folder.  This way you will know straight away if there is an email from certain people/companies & you can prioritise which you read first.  Likewise, you can set a rule to delete particular emails immediately they are received.  Check out your email client’s tools and see if this is a possibility.  It’s a great timesaver & a good way to prioritise.


Browser problems – Chrome V Explorer

308528_10151454998758214_958498520_nJust recently, something infiltrated my Google Chrome and caused all manner of havoc. Adverts & unwanted surveys popping up all over!  My usual Pop-up blocker couldn’t stop them so I downloaded Chrome’s own adblocker and Malwarebytes which found over 60 items that were causing problems. Having removed all the nasties discovered by Malwarebytes, I went back to my webpages & found that even then it had not solved the problem 😦 The Adblocker was showing lots of things being blocked but the surveys & adverts were still popping up.  I’ve been into Chrome’s settings & removed anything extensions added by a third party and even that hasn’t helped.  So I’ve gone back to Internet Explorer and am surprised to say that it’s so much better than it used to be! It’s much quicker and has had lots of improvements which has made it a lot easier to go back to it.  One thing that’s really annoying me is the lack of opportunity to transfer my favourites from Google Chrome to Explorer!  It can be done the other way round so why not this way?
I am now working my way through my favourites on Chrome and having to open each page in Explorer to save it to favourites! What a long winded way to go about things!  If anyone knows a better or easier way to do this I would love to know how!
Oh well, back to it!

New blog idea

554166_647198945310973_1155338362_nI’m thinking of writing a puppy blog.  As we’ve just bought 2 collie puppies from a farm in Wales, I though it might be interesting to record their progress over the weeks & months and wondered if there would actually be any interest.

I’d love to hear from my followers just whether I should or not.

Please let me know what you all think!

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