handlebar_moustache_glitter_black_gold_photosculpture-r147ac7ef9e3a40898691e4be1132282e_x7sai_8byvr_512We’ve all seen it – the bandwagon that is the Movember moustache!

Men all over the country have been growing their moustaches.  But do they really know why they are doing it or has it just become another fad?

There are lots of guys in our village growing moustaches in November.  Are any of them being sponsored? I’ve no idea.  Have their efforts raised awareness of the problems it was set up for? I doubt it.

So do you know what Movember is all about?

Did you know it was originally set up  in New Zealand and Australia to raise funds & awareness of men’s health issues?  It was not just set up to raise awareness, but to raise funds to fight problems facing all men, with the likes of Prostrate Cancer and depression.

I was over the moon when my son shaved off his fully grown beard & moustache at the end of October to commence a Movember fund raising moustache.  He set up a charity page online and started growing his ‘tache.  Imagine my disappointment when I looked at his page today, 28th November, to find there were only 3 donations, myself, my husband & my daughter!  He has 629 friends on Facebook. (And something really weird just happened (he phoned me as I was typing this!) Oh well, I digress.

Anyway, there is still a chance for you guys & girlies out there to donate to the Movember charity, and guys, make sure you and others know why you have grown that hairy lip feature!! It matters, more than a competition between friends on how thick a ‘tache they can grow!!


Oh and by the way here’s my son’s just giving page!


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