Stocking the shop!

Well, I’ve neglected the blog for long enough! Lots has happened including the arrival of our 5th grandchild (although he’s actually hubby’s first direct grandchild, the other’s are ‘step’) Oscar arrived on 18th January and an absolutely gorgeous little bundle.  Living so close to the business is proving a difficult one for his dad Ali though, who is drawn back to the house for a cuddle whenever he can slip away (and who can blame him?).  Exciting days here with new stock arriving every day this week.  After our trip to The Spring Fair Trade Show at the NEC in Birmingham and a trip to another wholesaler in Nottingham.   We’ve not only bought gifts, but have stocked up with country & garden essentials! Green Wellies!  Thought it best to stock up as we all seem to be in the grips of the wettest months for years! Busy-I-Am-TooIt’s so easy to buy at The Spring Fair but then the hard work begins. Checking the deliveries for breakages, checking we’ve received everything that’s on the delivery note, organising photographs of the items for the websites and working out prices & delivery costs.  Then, it’s the listing on the websites themselves!  It’s all hands to the grindstone and that’s while we continue to sell on 2 websites and Ebay.  Picking goods stored from both our depots, packing at our main retail depot, posting, organising couriers and keeping accounts up to date.  Busy days go quickly, but are physically exhausting! Hopefully, we’ve chosen well and you are tempted, as we were to purchase some of the new stock 😉  Anyway, best get on!


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