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Such a lot of stock!

It’s all well and good ordering great new lines to stock in the shop when we go to The Spring Fair each year but it means a lot of work sat at the PC when it all starts arriving!  It’s also a shock to the system when you realise how much has been spent because along with the goods come the invoices!!

I’m going a bit goggle eye in front of this PC and trying to describe some of the items we have now is tending to be a little difficult.  I do like to give as much information about the items we sell but sometimes, when you’ve been listing the same kind of product for about 3 hours, things get left out, for which I must apologise.

As long as our customers know that they can contact us by email nimuesnest@gmail.com or telephone 01952 550391 if they have any questions about our items, then that’s OK.

Best get on I suppose.  I must admit that we got carried away with jewellery boxes this year ans I’m onto the 3rd box of goodies to be listed in the shop now so my eyes are actually trying to slam as I type this.  Must be time for coffee!


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