With icey touch the winter’s come

And with the cold, our senses numb

A shiver rises from the soul

And longs for warmth

Spring blossoms lift the spirits high

New growth abounds and song birds fly

And pretty ladies catch the eye

As passion grows

The summer is a time for fun

For walks and playing in the sun

The joy of children fills the air

With happiness

As autumn dawns, the leaves do fall

A time to reap ‘fore winter’s call

For nature shuts her garden down

And rests again



Lesson Learned?

Last night I thought you

were my friend,  you helped me to

forget my loneliness, to laugh

through the tears.  To stand

up against others

who tried





and yet,

this morning

you have brought me so much pain.

You are no friend of mine

you were cheap

and nasty

red wine!


©Nessie Richards  2001

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