BF Graphics Wall Art Stickers – A Review

A little while ago I was sent some wall art sticker samples from a company called BF Graphics in North Lanarkshire.  It took me a while to get round to using them as I wasn’t very sure where I was going to put them or indeed if I had a spare wall to put them on.

They were larger than I’d thought they’d be and to be honest I have in fact only used one of the graphics that was sent to me!

The graphics I received were 1. A coffee coloured coffee cup and 2. A pair of stunning black eyes!

Suffice to say that as a woman, I was drawn to the eyes & thought that as I was in the process of refurbishing my bathroom, then that was where they would go.

Like a fool I tried to put this huge sticker up single handed, but realised very quickly that doing this with such a large item would not be possible.  I had 2 choices, enlist the help of the other half (he was willing I have to say), or make the decision to drastically reduce the size of the item I was working with (110 cms x 58 cms).

It was simple really – it was a pair of eyes! As long as I was careful where I placed them I could cut the sticker down the centre and put them up individually, which is what I did. and I have to admit that it gave me much more scope and although they were originally supposed to be closer together they were even more effective once I’d placed them at each end of the small wall in front of the bath.

And so, this:


Became this:

I think it works well, don’t you?

It was a straightforward matter of peeling off the back of the sticker, placing it carefully in position and rubbing it smooth before removing the top paper.  If you’ve ever used ‘Letraset’ in the past for your posters & designs (yes, I’m talking pre Adobe, Publisher & Photoshop here and showing my age to boot!) these stickers are basically a larger version of that!  Ever used ‘Contact’ adhesive vinyl on furniture or windows? Well it’s nowhere near as difficult as that!

Full instructions are given with each sticker (or decal if you’re posh) and I would thoroughly recommend this product 😉

I am desperate now to clear a wall in my kitchen for the ‘Coffee’ sticker and will be looking through for some other decor ideas as the prices are extremely reasonable too!

Do yourself a favour if you’re about to decorate.  

Have a look at BF Graphics They do a whole lot more than I’ve been able to show here, for both home & business, and if you ask them nicely they’ll even do bespoke items.  Ooh now there’s an idea, what can I  find for them to make for me? 😉


Banana Bag

Yes – Banana Bag! I discovered this a few months ago.

How many times have you stocked the fruit bowl with bananas only to go back a week later to find the bananas have gone black & are attracting fruit flies?  We all do it, buy a stack of fruit & then forget to eat it or buy a couple of extra bananas just in case the grandchildren come over, but if truth be told, when they come over they’d rather have one of nan’s freshly baked cakes or that pack of sweets in the cupboard!

We all know you can’t store bananas in the fridge as they go black even quicker because the skin gets too cold & the flesh inside ripens even quicker. If left in the bowl, a banana will last a week at best.

My problem is that not driving & living in a village 5 miles from town, I like to have a good supply of fruit, but hate it when the 2 bananas that are left in the bowl at the end of the week are only useful for making banana bread.  I like a fresh banana every day with my breakfast, either sprinkled with cinnamon or honey on toast or scrummy with a couple of weetabix & hot milk.

So how do bananas stay fresh in a banana bag? Well, it actually allows you to keep the bananas in the fridge! Sealed inside the bag, fresh bananas get just enough air to keep the flesh from over-ripening & the skin is kept warm enough through the right amount of insulation to stop it from turning black.  Bananas will keep fresh twice as long!

It was worth the few pounds paid out – definitely value for money!

I hope this was helpful – If you like bananas, you’ll love The Banana Bag!

Fragrance Lamp from The Lotus Flower (UK Ltd)

When I received this lamp, I expected the usual wick, oil, glass bottle (lamp). I expected there to be sooty smoke emitted when lit and a flame that would be either forever going out or so high that it would endanger not just my furnishings, but the entire house!  I was pleasantly & extremely relieved when I opened the box & saw the instructions.  Yes, there would be a flame, but only for a few minutes.  Let me explain:

There is a wick, but this doesn’t actually burn, the wick is purely there to feed the oil to an absorbant stone which sits in the top of bottle.  Once infused with the oil (a special top is used to encourge the infusion), the stone is lit for 2-3 minutes to heat up enough so that it releases the vapours from the fragranced oil.  The flame is then blown out & vapours enter the atmosphere to give quite a potent fragrance which then seems to enter almost every room in the house! I say potent becuse I am more used to ‘scented’ candles which, let’s face it, don’t always live up to their ‘scented’ description once alight.  There is a decorative top to place on top of the stone to protect from enquiring hands and add a little more style to the variety of beautiful glass bottles which are available.   Once you have sufficient fragrance in the room/home, the infuser top is once again placed in position over the stone in place of the decorative, open top to stop the vapour from being emmited.  This also encourges the stone to be replenished with the fragrance oil, ready to be used again when required.

When first seen, I thought these lamps to be quite expensive, but when the decorative bottle is taken into account & the large bottle of fragrance oil received with it, I have changed my thoughts.  Once a candle is burned, it’s gone forever. These beautiful bottles add style to your deco for as long as you want.   You can buy the 500ml bottles of frangrance oil in a variety of fragrances too and if you are unsure which fragrance to buy then The Lotus Flower can upply 1/3 fl. oz fragrance testers at a very reasonable price.
Replacement wicks are also available.

Lavender Bag Craft Kit

We are currently linking up (through Twitter) with a lot of craft people all over the country and thought it might be an idea to stock some of their items in our shop.  Before stocking them, we decided it might be better to try them out ourselves.  We wouldn’t want to stock something that we thought was a waste of money or poor quality – that’s not what we’re about!
Deborah Hastings is designer, tutor & supplier of Rag Rug Kits to the likes of the National Trust and they don’t buy rubbish! So we thought we’d give them a go.

The sample kit arrived with all the essentials needed to make a pretty rag rugged Lavender bag or cushion including a sweet little bag of lavender which smells divine!  Being totally useless at ll things crafty & sewing, I was interested in just how easy I would find this venture.  The explanantion & sample piece of rag rugging included was a great help and I spent about 45 minutes the first evening cutting the included pieces of clean, pressed fabric into pieces of the required size (as shown in the pack).  I was absolutely covered in little pieces of cotton thread by the end of the evening, but I certainly felt that I hadn’t completely wasted an evening in front of the box as I usually do!  So I stashed away my little pieces of cloth until the next evening thinking – OK I’ve done the easy bit, roll on tomorrow!

The next evening I knew was going to be tricky, watching my favourite TV programme & making a craft item at the same time was going to be a real challenge.  Well that’s what I thought – It was, in fact, very ….wait for it….that word is coming…….. therapeutic! I was never any good at sewing or knitting and, the nearest I’d got to making anything crafty was over 40 years ago when I tried to make a woollen rug using one of those awful hook things!  Anyway the art or Rag Rugging is apparently ‘prodding’! A pointed (but not sharp), wooden ‘prodder’ is included in the kit (nice & smooth to hold in the hand I might add & with no chance of splinters!) One prods one end of the piece of fabric through a hole in a base fabric of hessian until halfway through & then prods the other end in to form a looped ‘stitch’ (I did turn the preprepared bag inside out first so that the ends were actually on the inside of the bag (outside once turned back the right way!) I continued to prod with my first colour of cloth pieces (there are 3 colours included in the pack which compliment each other well).  Once I had placed all the 1st colour into the hessian, I added the 2nd.  I still managed to follow the TV program so knew that this could be a very pleasant way of creating something whilst watching TV.

Evening 3 and the final colour was to be placed.  I turned the bag inside out and was amazed at how well it had gone – no planning, just random placing of the different colours and yet it looked so good! Imagine how good it could look with a little planning ahead!
I placed the small bag of lavender inside – packed it out with some old, clean tights & then, very professionally (not), stitched the open side of the bag to form a small cushion.  Voila! I had created something! The decision was made to include these kits on the website for others to enjoy the experience.  They are made from totally recycled fabrics and the kits are made in the UK. What more could we ask? 

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