Foreign Wedding Preparations (the continuing panic)

Her dress is hanging on the outside on the wardrobe in my spare room waiting to be packed away in it’s box for the journey.  How on earth am I going to get that gorgeous but rather large piece of essential wedding kit in this box I’ve no idea!

The Box! It’s 35 x 55 x 20 cm (deep)

It’s a daunting task and I’m the one that has to do it.

The bride can’t as she needs for it not to be in her house until we are about to leave, so that the groom doesn’t see it!  Besides, it’s all part of mum’s job isn’t it?

I have 5 more days to make sure I have everything ready to go into my case.  I have made up my mind that I will make a list this time & stick to it!  Then it will be a panic when I realise that I have things on the list that either need washing and ironing or don’t fit me anymore 😦 Believe me that is seriously a possibility the way my weight has gone up since I stopped smoking!

OK, so i need to make my list today, check where the things are, try them on & make another revised list!

One thing I desperately need to do is try on my outfit.  It’s the 3rd one I’ve bought  & I’ve had it in the wardrobe for over a month! It could have shrunk! Better make sure I can still squeeze into my corset too just in case 😉 And where did I put my fascinator? It’s somewhere safe, and we all know what that means!  My shoes, as you are probably aware are a disaster.  I did buy some more on Ebay but they’ve turned out to be stilts, or as good as.

The Stilts – erm shoes!

Probably fine for some young thing with no weight problem & strong ankles.  I used to wear heels so much higher but now, I think I’d best stick to some sensible sandals with either a small heel or wedges.  So that means a trip to the shops.  I’ve talked my lovely hubby into taking me to Telford tomorrow.  He’ll then come back to work & leave me to shop til I need him to come pick me up again.  Once again, the joys of not being able to drive in a community with none or hardly any public transport scuppers my ability to  go freely amongst the shops!  So lucky to have a helpful taxi service, erm,  husband!

Watch this space over the next few days for updates as I get more panicked & more nervous.  I’ll also tell you the saga of my son’s passport at some stage which hasn’t helped in the slightest!

All going to plan though so far & I am seriously looking forward to that welcome drink at the hotel on Saturday when we arrive!

Onwards towards the wedding of the year I say!


Job Satisfaction/Online Personal Shopper

A lot of people ask ‘How can you have job satisfaction when you are just selling things to people?’  But they obviously don’t understand the manner of my job.  It’s great to think that we are supplying that something different to make gift-giving special.  It’s great when we receive emails & calls from people telling us how much the person receiving the gift liked it.  Especially if the buyer has asked us to suggest something for a specific occasion or person.

This is why I have started my ‘Online Personal Shopper’ service.  I not only have access to the wonderful gifts listed The Nest @ John Richards but we have hundreds of items not yet listed that I can draw from.  There is also our eBay shop.  Many people think the John Richards eBay shop is purely for vehicle related items.  But as mentioned in our ‘introductions’ & our ‘About‘ page, we originally listed gifts together with the vehicle parts on eBay and we still do.  I also have access to my many business acquaintances & friends on Twitter who run their own businesses, lots of them creating some wonderful hand-made items, and if there is nothing appropriate in our stock for a particular gift, then I’m not opposed to pointing someone in their direction.  I believe that if we support each other in business it can only be good for small business in the UK.  And who knows, other businesses may well reciprocate and point people in my direction for that special gift!

All people have to do to take advantage of this service is to contact us by email to with information about the recipient/s such as: Sex, Age, occasion, interests, budget & date required and I will do my best to find the right gift for them.  Obviously I will need some time to do this and hopefully I wont be expected to find something by yesterday!

It frees the buyer up to get on with their lives while I do their searching for them.

I also get a lot of fun & satisfaction creating competitions for my followers both on Twitter and Facebook.  At the moment I am looking forward to giving away a major prize of a picnic hamper to one of my twitter followers once I reach 3500 followers – almost there too so not long now!  I have just had a caption competition on Facebook too in which a lady won £20.00 to spend in our shop & she chose some lovely jewellery.  It’s just my way of saying thank you to my loyal supporters and obviously they see what we have to offer & may just come back again to buy 🙂  I’ll admit I’m not totally selfless – this is a business after all!

All in all I enjoy my work, I sit at my desk & get to chat on Twitter & Facebook.

To a certain extent, I choose my own working hours (sometimes they become a bit longer than planned!)  I work with my lovely family and have made lots of great friends through the Bizitalk twitter network for businesses.

Do I have job satisfaction for ‘just’ selling things to people? Oh Yes 🙂

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