Introductions – The Wife

Jeanette (Nessie) Richards

That’s me folks! Jane of all trades, mistress of none!

I tend to the accounts, social networking I tweet as @nimuesnestgifts & update The Nest @ John Richards Facebook Page, overseeing the giftware website, writing blogs, general ideas person, head cook & bottle-washer!

I got involved in the family business when I moved to Shropshire in 2006 and set up an eBay shop for the Land Rover side of things.  After the opportunity arose to buy a large amount of giftware, it seemed to automatically become my domain in the business (I knew more about pretty things than Land Rovers).  And so, here I am 6 years on, overseeing our Gift & Home specific site, always looking for new ways to promote the business.  My interests are varied.  I love cooking and I tend to get a little experimental at times.  I love animals especially dogs and in particular Border Collies.  I am a technology junkie both in the kitchen & the office and have been called ‘gadget woman’ quite often. I love playing with pictures and enjoy nothing more than putting together new advertising & marketing leaflets for the company.  I’ve recently started playing around with video too.  I love to write (usually poetry) but have found a new interest in blogging which is apparently good for the business , luckily!

In a previous life, back in the smoke of the big city, I have had various jobs over the years as well as bringing up 3 children from my previous 2 marriages (yes, Mr Richards is 3rd time lucky!)

I have worked in shipping & forwarding, became a concert promoter, had a few photo’s published along with articles for various music magazines, trained & qualified as a Genealogist & Social Historian and finally, I was a team leader, in the debt collection section of the finance department in my local council!

I gained many skills over those varied jobs, from mixing desks to spreadsheets and have managed to use a lot of them in my position in the family business (not the mixing desk – yet!).

I will now be chief blogger but we will also have some guest bloggers now & then.

I’ll try to keep the subject matter of our blog interesting and not too heavy.  As far as I’m concerned, this blog is to entertain & inform and hope you all enjoy it.


Introductions – The Boss

Welcome to The Nest at John Richards new blog!

We will be introducing our little John Richards family to you one by one and I think it only right that we start with the boss.

Andrew (Andy) Richards 

Andy joined his father John in the family Land Rover business in 1973.   He worked with his father, learning all he could about early Land Rovers which became his passion.  He built land rovers to use both on & off road and his own trialling vehicle, becoming well known in the local community of Land Rover enthusiasts.  He accompanied his father on trips to Germany to buy Land Rovers. He also worked on the vehicles, stripping engines, rebuilding gearboxes, and doing anything else that was required to make their vehicles the best that they could offer to the public.  After the death of his father in 2004, Andy took full control of the firm assisted by his son Alistair (more on him later).  Not only does Andy have a passion for Land Rovers, but he loves his home county of Shropshire and the beauty of the surrounding countryside.  This has made him an ardent photographer of landscapes and he loves to spend many a happy hour, driving around Shropshire & nearby North Wales with his camera, ready to clamber up or down a hill to get that perfect shot. We’ll be posting some of Andy’s pictures at a later date.

Andy tweets as @JRs_partsonline and has a business Facebook page: John Richards.  The Land Rover website is John Richard Surplus & the eBay Shop completes the set!

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