Sorry about my absence – pressure of work!

Well, since my admin assistant Rachel left the other week it’s been pretty manic here. ¬†I’ve been interviewing prospective new assistants, and trying to keep up with not only my work but that of said assistant, so something had to take a back seat and I’m sorry to say it was this blog. ūüė¶

Interviews are over now and I have to make a decision. ¬†It’s not easy at all. ¬†Three of the candidates are vying for the position in my mind at present and I never realised it would be this difficult to choose.

I am giving myself a break this evening and will look at all the candidates details again tomorrow. ¬†It’s hard to weigh up the different skills that each has ¬†Some are stronger in certain areas than others, that’s true, but then the others have other strengths that I’d not even considered before.

I will need to be very clear about the type of person I want in the position, their skills and the prospect of being able to work together.  I also need to see how they will fit in with our little family.  They need to work with the other members of the business too.  Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, Mr. R senior has been to an auction & bought lots & lots of new stock consisting of Wall Art, Ornaments & Christmas items. ¬†A full weekend working for me now to see what he’s bought & help price up items. ¬†It has to be stored so that it’s easily recognisable & accessable and eventually listed on the website! ¬†I hope the new assistant is a quick learner. ¬†Whoever they are, they will be on a very steep learning curve!

Happily, Mr R already has a trade customer coming on Wednesday to buy stock for their shop, so we won’t need quite as much room to store the vast quantity of boxes.

I came here originally looking for an easier life & maybe early retirement. ¬†Don’t know who I was trying to kid! I’m doing more now than I ever did back down south and actually enjoying every second!

I’ll keep you updated!


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