Foreign Wedding Preparations (the continuing panic) Part Trois

Case packed!

Case unpacked!

I spy room in Andy’s case ūüėČ

Clothes reorganised.

He doesn’t need much more in there anyway ūüėõ

Oh! …………His suit for the wedding!…………… And his shirt,………… and some more shorts.

Ah but there’s room for a few of my bits too ūüôā

It would help if I didn’t have most of the wedding paraphernalia in my case!

As for the shopping trip yesterday, it was quite successful.  I managed to find 2 pairs of blingy sandals in Shoe Zone 

– they seemed to be the only place that was still selling sandals! ¬†Couldn’t decide on gold or silver though, my bag has¬†both incorporated, so I bought both. Well, who wouldn’t at ¬£12.99 a pair? They only have to last the day & then they can fall apart for all I care!

I also appear to have another 2 pairs of sandals in my bags, for casual wear (I’m a typical shoe loving female who should not really be allowed near shoe shops alone!)

I came very close to buying yet more possible wedding day footwear whilst browsing in Debenhams (as you do). ¬†I found a gorgeous pair of blue satin shoes and another pair of silver blings. ¬†Unfortunately they weren’t my size, so I went over to one of the assistants at the cash till in the shoe department. She told me that she couldn’t possibly help me with larger sizes as the girls who dealt with those particular shoes, were away from the area! ¬†What the ….??? ¬†Suffice to say I told her that they obviously didn’t want my money, put the shoes down on the desk and left. It was a shoe department & she was working in it! I hate these department stores where each concession can only deal with it’s own products, especially as there is nothing to show it was a different department within that one! Soooo confusing!

Anyway, I found the other bits I wanted. ¬†Came home with 3 new bras which feel like they are made from some of the strongest elastane known to man. ¬†Obviously I am far too comfy in my old ones and are they sure my boobs should be under my chin? ¬†A case of cantilever construction is needed if I’m going to wear the chosen dress though so I’ll have to be uncomfortable for the day. ¬†I’m not the biggest fan of strapless bras, but gone are the days when mine was burnt and nobody noticed :S

I found another swimsuit, a new shirt for Andy, which goes much better with his suit than the one he’d chosen, and thoroughly enjoyed being set free alone to shop for a change ūüôā

Have you packed the dress I hear you say! Well, I don’t as that would actually be awesome as it’s impossible – this is a blog, not interactive chat! ¬†I hear you in my head, amongst the other strange voices that tell me I’m very sad for doing this, and the others that just shouldn’t be there!

Remember the box? 

Well, it really is this big! 

With the help of our admin assistant Rachel, it did go in, but not without a fight!

There were giggles, swearwords, jumping & crawling around on the bed. ¬†At one point, I thought I’d actually packed Rachel in the box too. ¬†There was tissue paper flying everywhere, repositioning of the box, then the dress, then us! ¬†I think it will need a lot of hanging and steaming before it can be worn though ūüė¶ ¬†I was determined that it would not be travelling in the hold. ¬†The box is just the right size for hand luggage. ¬†That dress will not go out of my sight!

All the suitcases can go missing. ¬†You can get married barefoot, without make up, or you can buy shoes, makeup, underwear, ¬†but if that dress went missing, it could never be replaced.¬† My Mel will wear the dress we chose for her day (even if it’s creased!). ¬†It’s special, and so is she ūüôā


Foreign Wedding Preparations (the continuing panic) Part Deux

Just a quick update as I’m sure you were all on the edge of your seats as to whether my outfit fits! Tried it on last night & yes with a little encouragement and careful zipping hubby was able to do the dress up! ¬†Don’t you just hate dresses with side zips? – They don’t work on ‘ladies with curves’ very well! And they don’t work very well when there is a major seam for them to be taken past too! I also had a few problems with the V neck being quite low & my strapless bra coming quite high! ¬†Something else to put on the shopping list for today! ¬†I tried another possible dress on & whilst it looks & feels stunning, it was about 2 inches too long & the lace up back caused a problem where the underwear was concerned :S

Anyway, I’m off to Telford Imageto see if I can find the last minute essentials: New strapless bra, New Shoes, Blue socks for Andy, Possibly a new shirt for Andy too – and 2 or 3 large cappuccinos to calm my nerves!

Soon my lovelies!

Foreign Wedding Preparations (the continuing panic)

Her dress is hanging on the outside on the wardrobe in my spare room waiting to be packed away in it’s box for the journey. ¬†How on earth am I going to get that gorgeous but rather large piece of essential wedding kit in this box I’ve no idea!

The Box! It’s 35 x 55 x 20 cm (deep)

It’s a daunting task and I’m the one that has to do it.

The bride can’t as she needs for it not to be in her house until we are about to leave, so that the groom doesn’t see it! ¬†Besides, it’s all part of mum’s job isn’t it?

I have 5 more days to make sure I have everything ready to go into my case. ¬†I have made up my mind that I will make a list this time & stick to it! ¬†Then it will be a panic when I realise that I have things on the list that either need washing and ironing or don’t fit me anymore ūüė¶ Believe me that is seriously a possibility the way my weight has gone up since I stopped smoking!

OK, so i need to make my list today, check where the things are, try them on & make another revised list!

One thing I desperately need to do is try on my outfit. ¬†It’s the 3rd one I’ve bought ¬†& I’ve had it in the wardrobe for over a month! It could have shrunk! Better make sure I can still squeeze into my corset too just in case ūüėČ And where did I put my fascinator? It’s somewhere safe, and we all know what that means! ¬†My shoes, as you are probably aware are a disaster. ¬†I did buy some more on Ebay but they’ve turned out to be stilts, or as good as.

The Stilts – erm shoes!

Probably fine for some young thing with no weight problem & strong ankles. ¬†I used to wear heels so much higher but now, I think I’d best stick to some sensible sandals with either a small heel or wedges. ¬†So that means a trip to the shops. ¬†I’ve talked my lovely hubby into taking me to Telford tomorrow. ¬†He’ll then come back to work & leave me to shop til I need him to come pick me up again. ¬†Once again, the joys of not being able to drive in a community with none or hardly any public transport scuppers my ability to ¬†go freely amongst the shops! ¬†So lucky to have a helpful taxi service, erm, ¬†husband!

Watch this space over the next few days for updates as I get more panicked & more nervous. ¬†I’ll also tell you the saga of my son’s passport at some stage which hasn’t helped in the slightest!

All going to plan though so far & I am seriously looking forward to that welcome drink at the hotel on Saturday when we arrive!

Onwards towards the wedding of the year I say!

The Wedding looms

In my previous blog Pre-Holiday Concerns, I mentioned my daughter’s forthcoming wedding in Cyprus. Well, the day is almost upon us & I need to practice packing her dress in a small box, let alone pack all the other bits I have got carried away with to take with me! Yes, typical doting mum has spent a fortune of frippery!¬†

There’s the sashes for the chairs & the beach marquee, A ring cushion & some other bits that I’d better not mention in case my daughter & her partner happen to read this before the day!

Suffice to say the nerves are kicking in with me. ¬†I’m a total worrier about things I have no control over! Sod’s law is that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong in my book. ¬†But I’ve promised that I will chill, that I will just concentrate on packing my bags & that dress.

I did buy the loveliest pair of open toe shoes for the wedding – a bargain from Marks & Spencer which were a perfect fit – until I put them on yesterday as a dress rehearsal! ¬†They almost crippled me ūüė¶ I live 5 miles out of town, don’t drive, we are short staffed so hubby can’t take me. (We work Saturday too!) We’re already booked for Sunday and I need another pair of shoes!! ¬†Aaaaarrrrgghh!!!! Why don’t we have a shoe shop instead of a gift shop?

Sorry got a bit panicky there!

I suppose I could go barefoot?  The wedding is on a beach after all! but then we will be going back to the bar afterwards I expect so I need to do something.

I already have appointments booked for next week (Nails, Hair etc) the usual pre-holiday grooming that we women seem to do.

Our local town will be hopeless for special glam wedding shoes as the only shoe shop we have is closing down & seems to have an abundance of winter boots at the moment!  No, I will need to go to a bigger town with plenty of choice (I have awkward feet & am a trifle fussy).

Well, enough of my ramblings dear reader. ¬†I will keep you updated as much as possible. ¬†Packing will be commenced very shortly and oh what fun that will be ……. that’s sarcasm by the way!

Til next time – happy reading.

Please don’t hesitate to comment I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Pre-holiday Concerns

It was a gorgeous, sunny Sunday. ¬†I expect everyone was getting nice & brown in their gardens. ¬†What was I doing? Ironing, packing, weighing the case, unpacking, re-organising, packing, weighing …. and so it goes. And I was still overweight! My case, not me – OK I am too but that wasn’t the priority at the time. ¬†Are we the only ones that have this problem? ¬†We had an allowance of 20 kilos each & 5 kilos hand luggage. ¬†I was obviously taking too many clothes! ¬†But I couldn’t decide what to leave behind, I like to have my daytime outfits then change for dinner. ¬†And of course there has to be a choice of sandals in 3 different heel heights. ¬†Oh & shorts & T-shirts for the pool area over the 2 or more swimsuit choices. ¬†Then there’s the toiletries, the SLR camera with spare lenses, the snapshot camera for emergencies, the iPad and the kindle (at least I didn’t have to take 2 or 3 books anymore!) How come I take the same amount of clothes when I go for one week? ¬†Although I was, this time, going for two. ¬†Could I take this in my hand luggage? Had the rules changed again? Wouldn’t bother with perfume I could buy some on the plane. Trying to take all the sun cream adds weight too – It’d be damned expensive over there! ¬†But would it be cheaper to pay when we got there and not have to pay for being overweight in our luggage?

I just wonder if everyone does the same? ¬†But then I don’t suppose everyone takes as many clothes as me. ¬†I like my choices you see? ¬†Dresses, Skirts, Trousers, Leggings, Shorts. And then there has to be ¬†Stylish, casual, & of course a couple of cardigans just in case of chilly evenings & tops to match all the bottoms! ¬†It was so much easier going on a cruise, no baggage restrictions except they had to be easy for the porters to handle. Take as many cases as you like, no worries about putting hairspray in the suitcase & not in the hand luggage. ¬†I knew there was a reason I liked cruises. ¬†Anyway, packing done, and we weren’t over! ¬†I just panicked as usual. ¬†Then I was hoping that the UK didn’t have too much sunshine while we were away or I may as well have stayed home and not worried about the damned luggage!

This was in June of this year (2012) when we went away for 2 weeks & to be honest could have easily have fitted the island of Santorini into one! ¬†It’s not really all it’s cracked up to be, the picture postcard images are all taken in one town, the only really pretty town on the island! ¬†Perhaps I’ll write another post on that one soon.

Anyway, we are off to Cyprus in September for my daughter’s wedding. ¬†Going for a week. ¬†Should be easy I hear you say! Maybe you should read the above again ūüėČ We have to make sure the wedding outfits are safely packed, Dresses, Suits, Shoes, FASCINATORS!! (holiday clothes will have to take less priority this time) ¬† I’ve also taken it upon myself to pack my daughter’s wedding dress! It will be placed in a special box & travel as hand luggage – Oh joy – what a challenge that will be! ¬†I’ve been studying a video on You Tube so it will be fine :S

(I feel another blog coming on!)

Dress in a Box Video

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